Online Video Courses

How To Develop Your Sound

Over the years, I’ve met many songwriters who love writing songs but struggle to find their unique sound. This course is very goal oriented – by the end of the course you will have a unique, detailed vision for what you want your music to sound like, where you want to take it and how to get there.

The course is a mixture of videos and one-on-one skype calls with myself. I’m totally committed to helping you find your sound and help you plan the next steps in your journey as an artist. Check out the first lesson for free, where we’ll be looking at creating a mission statement for your music.

Open Chords Guitar Course

In this course, we’ll be learning to integrate advanced open chords into our playing through 13 new songs. Each song brings in new shapes and variations so that by the end of the course you will be able to play open chords all over the fretboard.

Writing Lyrics

In this course, we’re looking at some of the fundamental principles of writing lyrics – how we use the rules and how we break them! This course will help you tighten up your lyric writing and enable you think more critically about the music you hear.