We are Rawr Like a Lion. A group of musicians and songwriters that celebrate Jesus through music and celebrate music through Jesus.

The label was started by Andy Kyte, a full time composer based in Camden, North London. Captivated at an early age by music’s beauty and its reflection of the Creator, Andy starting playing and writing music. After many years of gigging, songwriting, and studying Classical Music and Jazz at University, Andy started Rawr Like a Lion, drawing many like minded musicians that he has met and worked with over the years.

The label’s name came from a song Andy wrote called “Lion in a Suit”. We want to encourage people to break free from anything holding them back and make mighty musical roar in praise of Jesus Christ. Unashamed honesty in our lyrics and a tangible energy in our songs. Whether quiet or chaotic, our music is written to meet people where they are at and point them to Jesus.

We have a strong passion for music education. Whether it’s workshops before evening gigs, songbooks to their latest releases or video tutorials, we want to help people understand music, build bands and equip people to write songs that are unique to their own musical expression.